Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Trash Project

So, in case you didn't get the e-mail, out trash project is finally on-line and awaiting your donations. (Read more about our project here.) You can donate online by clicking on the DONATE TO OUR PROJECT link on the right. We did get news that the donation site is having some problems. Try there first, but if you can't donate that way, please call and make your donation over the phone. The phone number is:

Phone-in Credit / Debit Card Donation: (800) 424 8580, x2170

We (and the people of Malpaisillo) really appreciate your help with this. Also, time is somewhat of the essence, as we pretty much need to raise all of this money by the end of July at the very latest in order to complete the project before we leave in November. Without us, the funds get used for some other project in some other country. Again, thanks for your help with either a donation or by simply telling someone else about the project. We'll keep you updated.


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